Donnwe Intelligence Introduction
About Us:

       Company overview: Dongwei Intelligent was established in 2017. It is an innovative enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of commercial intelligent equipment (thermal printers, attendance machines). Dongwei Intelligent is jointly established by the founder of Youku Electronics and senior professionals in the commercial office equipment industry, which continues the tradition of Youku Electronics focusing on R&D and engineering.

      Our technology: Based on electronic information and embedded software technology, we integrate image processing, recognition algorithm, precision structure design, precision machining and assembly technology. We pay attention to the continuous accumulation and optimization of R&D and engineering technology capabilities, adopt matrix management in R&D, and have professional project teams continue to research and iteratively upgrade every detail module of technical engineering, and finally land on specific products. Since the establishment of the company, we have accumulated a lot of experience in on-site testing and problem solving, which has enabled us to better understand the industries we serve, and can provide customers with better products and solutions.
Our Business :

       Fingerprint attendance machine, face attendance machine, face recognition, fingerprint recognition module research and development, production and sales;

       Receipt printer, label printer, receipt printer core cutter, module research and development, production and sales;

Company Culture
Corporate vision:  to become the preferred supplier for enterprise users in the field of commercial equipment.

Our Values:
           Maintaining Correct   
           Utimate Attainment

     1. Focus on research and development; 
     2. Focus on engineering capabilities; 
     3. Focus on design; 
     4. Focus on service; 
     5. Focus on sharing, so that suitable talents can share the achievements of the enterprise;
       1. Strictly abide by good deeds: Everyone should have a kind heart, and should not do things that harm colleagues, suppliers, peers, friends,                        customers, and society out of corporate and personal interests.
       2. Strictly abide by integrity: Everyone should be honest and not lose their trust in employees, suppliers, customers and the society.
       3. Code of words and deeds: It is strictly forbidden to exaggerate and hurt colleagues, suppliers, customers, peers and friends.
       4. Responsibility: Always have a sense of responsibility for products and work, focus on every detail of products and work, polish every product detail             with a sense of responsibility, and do every job with a sense of responsibility.