Donnwe Intelligence Introduction

East For Profile:
Company Overview:
       Guangzhou Donnwe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, belonging to the second enterprise of Big Yoko (Yoko Electronics, Donnwe Intelligent), which is engaged in the business of research and development, manufacturing, and sales of data acquisition, data processing, and data output equipment.
       Business Planning:
       Yoko    Electronics:   1、 Data acquisition: Barcode scanning engine module, programme, barcode scanner finished products; RFID acquisition module; OCR (optical character recognition) acquisition module;
                                      2、Data processing: Handheld intelligent terminal, desktop intelligent terminal, reinforced tablet PC, reinforced laptop;
                                      3、 Data output: Commercial display equipment; electronic price tag;
       Donnwe Intelligent: 1、 Data acquisition: Fingerprint, face, palm print, vein acquisition module;
                                      2、Data processing: Biometric time and attendance machine, access control machine, visitor machine, consumer machine;
                                      3、 Data output: Printing module, ticket printer, label printer, intelligent information screen;
        In addition to providing stable and reliable products and good ODM services, we also provide technical solutions and customised services for our corporate customers. At the same time, our R&D, product and sales team will go deep into the enterprise customer scenarios to provide customers with long-term optimisation solutions.

Our Technology:
       Based on electronic information and embedded software technology, we integrate image processing, recognition algorithms, optical design, precision structure design, high-frequency PCB design, high-speed PCB design, PCB simulation, PCB Layout, digital-analogue A/D hybrid circuit design technology, cloud back-end technology (back-end service, front-end application service), and upstream computer development technology.
Who we serve:
       We serve excellent enterprises, we provide OEM, ODM, programme services to 
Customer needs:
       Outstanding quality, excellent performance experience (technical R&D results), high cost performance, good support services, fast and accurate production delivery.
Business Scope:
       Fingerprint time and attendance machine, face time and attendance machine, face recognition, fingerprint recognition module R&D, production and sales;
       Ticket printers, label printers, ticket printer movement cutter, module R&D, production, sales;
       Attendance, printing finished ODM (definition, programme, design, R&D, production) services;

Company Culture

● We are a technology product driven company, not a marketing driven company.
● We aspire to create value for our customers by delivering excellent products and good services.
● We believe that life is a process of continuous learning, reflection and review, growth and improvement.
● We believe that a company should be a place where talents gather to realise their dreams and values.
● We believe in pursuing excellence in work and eliminating low quality work.
●We contribute to society through employment, tax revenue, technological advancement, and excellent products.

Goal: To be the world's most outstanding integrated supplier of commercial equipment.
Mission: Contribute our values to the beauty of technology (fusion of technology and art).
Positioning: Serving high-quality corporate customers (especially brand-name customers)